Your ROI? It’s Limitless

We are all familiar with the term ROI, aren’t we? As a matter of fact, for many of us, we probably focus on it nearly daily. And because of the current global economic shift, many are stressing about it right now?

How do we predict ROI, when faced with the stress of economic uncertainty? Perhaps, you’ve been thinking:

  • “What is my return on my time?”
  • “How much should I invest?”
  • “What is the return on capital?”
  • “Where is my opportunity for return on my business now?”
  • “How do we cash flow now?”
  • “How do I get a Return on __________?”

You fill in the blank.  If this is your thinking right now maybe, just maybe, it’s time to view ROI differently.

What if we made a mental shift that would impact what we really want? Even now ? It’s increased Revenue. Right? If it’s not, it should be! But how?

What if,… What if My friend, as our expenses have expanded more rapidly than current growth, we could double our revenue? “Is that even possible John?”

I’m just thinking differently here. Go with me for a moment.

If it were possible, and it is,  if you believed it, what changes, if any, could you make? And how would you do that?

There is no doubt, expenses are continually rising both fixed expenses and variable, and not only in our respective business’s, but also in our personal budgets.  I’m being bombarded by the negative messaging; pandemic, recovery, inflation, recession, the great resignation, And if not careful, I’ll begin to believe the doom and gloom. Don’t you “buy in” either.

So, how do we grow through this? Is it impossible?  NO! It’s not. Here is the necessary mind shift.

In these times of speculation and overall uncertainty, the predictability of an increase in ROI (investment) may seem vague and quite possibly out of reach. Your vision may be to simply survive or break even at this point.  Remember though,

 “Vision” is imaginary!  It exists in the future.  Imagination required!

Henry David Thoreau said it like this;

“The World Is But A Canvas To The IMAGINATION.”

In other words, we paint our future, and bring it into manifestation using our faculty of imagination.

In these unprecedented and unpredictable times, perhaps we need another skill, another definition, another tool to help us navigate. It’s a part of you, you have access, it may be, like the “‘tin man” in Oz, a little rusty.  The one part of our thinking that atrophies with non-use?

What we need is a new ROI. Return on Imagination!

Many of us haven’t used our imagination since Princess Leah, and we played with Light Saber’s and wore Indiana Jones hats and carried a whip.

So, My friend, what will be your ROI in the next 6 months? Your “return on imagination”?  You have no limitations.

Start right now. Imagine your positive future. Draw that canvas, see it in your mind.  I assure you, you can glide through this short-term season and thrive. Using your imagination is key!

The opportunity right now is to re-create you, and re-engineer your business.  Perfect timing!

Your imagination is your secret weapon! Your lightsaber!  Let’s begin again to imagine your opportunities, visualize your success, re-define and discover new pathways to your continued growth.

It’s there for you!

Your possibilities are limitless with the use of your imagination. Be encouraged!


Want to know more? Need help right now Friend? I’d like to be included as one of your personal resources.

I may just have an idea to help you re-think your outcomes using imagination to re-align your success and your future.

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