Each of our engagements starts with the end in mind. We support our clients from assessment to execution through the delivery of integrated consulting, coaching and training services. The result is an actionable plan you can take forward with impact!

We strategize with you to evaluate your goals, strengths and weaknesses and provide proprietary and turnkey programs based on evaluation. This is not a one size fits all proposition. If you are serious about taking the next steps in reinforcing the framework and systems for deeper operational efficiency and results, improve recruiting, development and retention, and are serious about getting more than 15 percent engagement from your staff and your team toward common vision and mission, then comprehensive workshops with a team of professional serial entrepreneurs are available to you.

We work with mid-level managers, team leaders, owners and facilitators to attain higher efficiency and results. We focus on three areas; Individual achievement and development, team collaboration and customer experience.

Studies prove on average that 85% of your staff are not fully engaged in your mission. As many as 17% are fully dis-engaged. Are you fully understanding the metrics of performance evaluation and its full effect on your results.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast. Your company may have a great long-term strategy written down in 60 page business plan, but if you have a bad culture it won’t matter at all.” Peter Drucker

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