A Leader’s

Perspective on


Why we do it

What to do about it

John Nimmo – Award Winning Sales Professional. A business professional for over 44 years. Certified executive coach. Professional speaker and Trainer. Founder of Leadershiplived.com.



A Leader’s Perspective on Procrastination. Why we do it!
What to do about it.

From the wealthiest of millionaires,
and business leaders to the poorest of college students and
from the middle class to the very desolate, all have in the
past or continue to suffer from a procrastinating nature.

 It appears widespread. You do it too!


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John Nimmo is an exceptional speaker and charismatic business
leader. Full of knowledge and wisdom, John articulated The Five Attributes for
Success with such pose that had college juniors and seniors on the edge of
their seats thirsty for more.

Casheena A. Stephens, Ph.D.

Educator, Speaker, and Training & Professional
Development Expert.

If you want to be challenged to ignite improvement in yourself or your team, engage with John. His positive outlook, faith, deep experience and quest for knowledge has molded him into a leader of leaders. It is my pleasure to recommend John to you.

Gregory Gray

Owner | Business Advisor | Executive Coach | Founder of Mastermind Nashville.

John Nimmo is a great leader with excellent communication skills that is focused on achieving goals benefiting everyone. I have had the pleasure of watching John work as a REALTOR, speaker, and Federal Political Coordinator where he discussed pressing Real Estate industry issues with members of Congress. John is a valued member of the team and is trusted by all who work with him.

Kyle Anderson

CEO Greater Gateway Association of REALTORS

I recently attended one of John’s keynote speeches and was thoroughly impressed with not only his message, but the way he connected with and engaged the audience. He put things in a way that was very easy to understand and relate to but provided a platform for a deep analysis in our daily lives. I look forward to attending more events that he speaks at!

Chris Moore

CEO Executive Advisor at Elite Business Advisors

Executive coaching is John’s passion. He brings wisdom and helps me find clarity every time we speak. There isn’t a topic we cannot cover and he looks at me as a “whole person” and not just a business owner. I can’t help but be more interested in my business and lead my family better after we talk. I recommend him highly.

David Ask

Chorum Global LLC – Solutions.

Every once in a while, you run across people in your life that truly make a difference. John Nimmo is one of those people. He is a natural leader with an infectious positive attitude. He makes work fun. I always considered myself lucky that I got to work within the sphere of his influence and then strived every day to live up to his high standards. He encourages thinking outside of the box with his daily example of work ethic and vision of the future. It’s always full of possibilities. John Nimmo makes a difference. Let him show you how you can too.

Angela Davidson

President, CEO at Assurance Title and Escrow, LLC