The Most Hated Word of 2021

Are you disciplined? If you are like me, I hate the word. Mostly, I just despise it when someone  says; “John,  You need more discipline  in this area of your  life.”  

Discipline. Isn’t it the one word we Love To Hate? I know I need it. I know! Again, I know…but it feels like prison to me.  TRUTH:  Discipline Gives Freedom.  It Doesn’t Take It Away. 

If you are asking: “What will it take to succeed as we traverse the new year?” There are three areas of discipline that will launch you forward no matter what. NO MATTER WHAT!

As we move into a new era, the “New Normal” as some are claiming, the thought occurred to me: How have I exercised discipline in my thoughts my emotions and in my actions in 2020? I must confess. Not very well I’m afraid. I was inconsistent!

Disciplined Thought. It’s been said;2% of people think. 98% would rather die than think.

Practicing mental / thought discipline will bring a benefit and with that comes the developed thinking that will help you with goals. priorities and your dreams for 2021. It takes practice to get better at anything and especially living a disciplined life. A positive attitude requires disciplined thought. We must practice it consciously! Napolean Hill’s Think and Grow Rich is a great book to help us develop disciplined thought. After all the book was not entitled, “Wish and Grow Rich”. Get the book. Engage in the true process of “thinking”.

Disciplined Emotions.

“The undisciplined are slaves to mood, appetites and passions.” – Stephen Covey

The struggle with most of us is emotional discipline. Uncontrolled emotion is why we buy that chocolate in the check-out line or when we are baited into social media conversation. It’s the reason we fail at new year’s resolutions. I’ve done it. I’ve allowed myself to agree or become upset over someone’s opinion. Why? We either master our emotions or we become slave to them as the late Dr. Covey suggests. The success of social media especially in 2020 has been largely based on emotional response. It’s why in many cases we don’t do what we should or we do what we shouldn’t. Before responding / reacting, balance emotion with sound logic. Take a breath. Pause and “think”. As humans we are emotional beings aren’t we? We base many of our decisions and corresponding actions on emotion alone. Don’t!

Disciplined Action.

“Self-Discipline is the no. 1 delineating factor between the rich, the middle class and the poor.” -Robert Kiyosaki

Our thinking (logic) and our emotions (feelings) often are in opposition. It is why logically a decision may make sense but we are saying to ourselves “yes, but it just doesn’t feel right”. Have you been there?

Truth: Our action steps are often determined by our emotional minds and not logic. And our actions determine outcomes. Let’s get clarity about discipline. The more disciplined the more likely positive the outcome. Often the difference between success and failure is discipline and discipline is the real difference between authentic leadership, credibility and influence.

Tip: Reduce overwhelm by taking decisive and disciplined action or non-action. Do it with intent. Reduce large projects down to micro-steps and be disciplined in accomplishing the smaller incremental steps that lead to extraordinary long-term results.

Actions are the reflection mostly of your emotions and partly in your thinking. (Gut intuition.) Take action but exercise discipline in your thinking. Develop an action plan. Challenge your mind. Begin by writing down your action plans and goals. Do it NOW. While you are thinking about it. Your disciplined action steps make all the difference.

Design don’t “drift” to a fabulous 2021! Remember, I believe in you and in your vision!

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