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In this incredible 20 day study, John Nimmo and Greg Yates will show you the secret behind the secret of Think & Grow Rich.

WELCOME!   Thank you for being here!   This is a life changing study so congratulations on choosing to make the journey.  There are 20 videos and you have FREE access to each lesson in this study for 72 hours after each lesson is released.  Share with you friends and family, invite others  to engage.  At any time during the course, add it to your personal library and get LIFETIME access for only $199.00. 

Multi-Business Owner | CEO | Owner and Founder of Breakthrough Leadership | Greg Yates
John Nimmo
Certified Speaker | Coach| Trainer | Author | John Nimmo

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Welcome.  You have FREE access to each lesson as they are released for 72 hours.  You can share, invite your friends and engage with each lesson as much as you wish within 72 hours.

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After the course, the regular price for  the Leadership Lived course, Think and Grow Rich is $495.00.

Experience and engage in this truly life changing study of the classic work by Napolean Hill.


Reference Materials:  As you begin, you may want to purchase or download the resources below. You will also get a worksheet for each lesson to help your progress.

The Three Missing Chapters.  Paul Martinelli.

Companion Book Available on Amazon

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Line of Courage PDF