Key Topics

Managing Performance Development for Productivity

Is your staff engaged in your mission? Annual reviews aren’t enough. Non-communicated expectations have led to non-engagement in the workplace. Employee intentional dis-engagement is costing companies and organizations thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars. .According to a Gallup poll it is estimated that 85% of employees are not engaged in their work. This is an exploratory topic that integrates into mid-level and upper level management to ignite and encourage change not for the sake of change but with a focus on increasing productivity by as much as 21%. What would that look like to your bottom line? Implement a real action plan “shift” from providing perceived negative feedback typical of annual reviews to providing ongoing developmental feedback that will improve the culture and skillsets in communication. Make it easier to hire, recruit and retain. Reduce churn and expensive turn over. Two day workshop is available.

Ignited Productivity

Igniting productivity takes an in depth look at time management. Reduce your stress. Create more freedom, more financial reward. Add more energy more excitement and more free time. A survey of 1700 millionaires revealed a secret. Would you like to know what that is? What would you do with 4x or 7x increase in your productivity? Would that make a difference to your business and in your life? What if it were really possible? If everyone has the same hours in a day, how is it some people seem to achieve so much more than others? There is secret! We’ll explore it together. Two day workshop is available.

Put Your Dream to the Test

Are you engaged in your mission? Do you have a Dream? Does your vision pull you? What is it that means everything to you? This key topic examines your motivation and your inspiration and your likelihood of success based on your passion. Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. How will you get from where you are to where you desire to be? Is your dream real? Is your dream even your dream? Put Your Dream to the Test focuses a series of revealing questions about you and your future. Bring clarity into your path. Achieve what you were designed to achieve.

Negotiation is Not for the Weak

You don’t get in life what you earn. You get what you negotiate for. Would it surprise you to know that everything, every conversation, every reaction, every interaction is a negotiation? If there was one skill that would improve your results, this would be the one. Explore the conversational nuance that will drastically help you get more. What are the questions that you can ask so that you are indirectly controlling conversation? A look at communication skills including your body language can be a positive or a negative influence. You’ll leave this seminar with a new outlook on how to get what you want and understand the latent psychology involved. Keynote and a two day workshop is available.

The Three R’s Necessary for Your Business to Succeed

Leveraging you key advantages to improve your business. Revenue maximized. Resources and Responsiveness. These are you assets that when used to their full potential will eliminate competition. Do the things your competition fails to do or simply won’t do to leverage your success and results. Are you a Resource for your clients? Do you impact their results? Are you able to Respond to environmental and market changes? Relationship focused businesses succeed. Maximize your long term relationships by being more genuine and strategic. Key note, Coaching, Mentorship and a two day workshop available.

REAL: Real Estate Advanced Learning Academy

Is this what you expected it to be? If you are new to the business of sales or a seasoned veteran this workshop based training will get you results. I believe you have it in you to succeed. Are you getting the proper mentorship, coaching and training? Are you engaged in a system that gets results? Are you serious about your results and your success? This is designed for you! You can become 5 star real estate professional. Get REAL; a seven step sales system to maximize real estate sales and increase your revenue by 43%. Are you struggling to generate revenue with your current selling system? Do you have a system? Let’s do this together. Coaching, Mentorship and a two day Workshop is available

Relationship Sales as a Profession

You have a strategic business plan. Do you have a strategic relationship development plan? Be strategic about your relationships and increase your sales by 43%. If it is true that people buy from whom they know, like and trust; how much time and energy do you invest is a sales system focused on the right things. A satisfied “fan” is worth 5.7 referrals over their life time. Do you struggle with getting maximum results from your sales or are you simply vested in the wrong directives. We’ll examine in depth your communication skills and give you a proven plan to increase your sales by as much as 43%. What would that look like to your business and to your life? Keynote, Mentorship, Coaching and a two day Workshop available.