Do you have a “WORD” for me?

For several years, I’ve had a focus word. For example; “Re-invent.”  “Ascend.”  “Unencumbered” was another. What is your word for 2021?
How about this one? “Honorable”
Are you honorable? And no! I’m not kidding! Of course you are!
If your vision for 2021 includes being, doing, or having MORE, raising your hand and showing up fully in 2021, I want to be there to walk alongside you through that journey.
Honor as defined by Webster:
Fulfill an obligation or keep an agreement.
We’d all like to think we are “honorable”, Right?  But, are we really?
I’ve done my best to keep my promises at work and with my team, my staff and with my clients. Fulfill my obligations.  I’ve not missed appointments or commitments (That I am aware of.)
I wouldn’t be “honorable” any other way!  I’m sure you keep your word, do your best to fulfill your commitments as well. But what about the commitments we made to the person in the mirror?
According to a study conducted by the University of Scranton, 8% of people achieve their New Years Goals. Over 80% of new years resolutions are abandoned by January 12th.
As we look back at 2020, evaluate our past behavior, our habits and we define our vision, goals and priorities for the year ahead, are we being honorable?
Why is it, that making commitments to others is often more important than keeping commitments we make to ourselves? Here are a few examples. I’m going to get healthy. Lose weight. Live a more balanced life and spend more time with my family. Create more FREEDOM. Take an extended vacation. I’m going to stop certain destructive behavior perhaps or be more intentional in making calls and establishing business relationships. How about I’m going to read 5 books this year? Begin journaling?
You fill in the blank…..________________________.
HONOR the process of who you are becoming. If we aren’t intentional about what we put in and absorb, manage and tend, water and fertilize daily, like a garden, the weeds of discontent, a poverty mindset, frustration, anxiety, negativity will surely take over.
Be honorable! Let’s keep those commitments we make to ourselves just as if we made them to someone else.
Perhaps you need someone to hold you accountable? Join a mastermind. Get a coach to support your goals and intentions? Much like the garden, we thrive in community!
Maybe, just maybe, we can take our commitments made to ourselves as seriously as those we make to others. WOW! What would that look like?
 “The best investment” says Warren Buffett, “is the investment we make in ourselves”.
As you plan your 2021, make a commitment to a better you.
  •  Invest in yourself with time, energy and money.
  • Hire a coach.
  • Read 12 books. (It’s only 1 book per month.)  There is a great list on this website by the way.
  • Attend 3 seminars.
  • Seek out a trusted advisor. (Isolation is your enemy.)
  • Join a Mastermind.
It will make all the difference and you will find more honor from others as you grow and move forward. Whatever it takes, honor yourself with your commitments to you. Let’s have a extraordinary year. It begins now!
I can’t wait to see what you will become!
Please let me know how I may serve you. As always, I’d love to hear from you. Bring your questions! Always Forward!
I believe in you and in your vision!

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