Do You Have A Message That Matters?

Are you communicating?

If you have a message that is important to get out, (And what messages aren’t?) why not focus and prepare on the delivery. After all, it’s not what you say it is HOW you say it that matters.
Listen, I know, that what you have to say matters. It’s important. And people need to hear it. Doesn’t that sound like every speaker, CEO, team leader or teacher?
“The single biggest problem in communication”, said George Bernard Shaw, “is the illusion that it has taken place.”
You have a microphone. The truth is, all of us have a microphone. A voice. Do you believe what you say has significance? Is it important?
Is anyone hearing?
Things need to be said, I get that. What we say, to our families, our peers, colleagues, and teams matters. I believe that is absolutely true.
Here is my question.  If your message is important, shouldn’t it be communicated in a way that people will not only hear, but also connect? “Buy in”?
Your story, your message is important.  The problem for many of us; we aren’t communicating in a way to bring value to our message. We haven’t mastered communicating or articulating the value of our message.  We aren’t preparing our delivery. And that is a problem.
If you can’t articulate your message, if you aren’t effective at connecting, communicating, then it is as if whatever you are trying to say doesn’t exist.
Have you ever attended a meeting, or a seminar, or workshop where the content was important? Perhaps the content was great but you struggled to listen because the deliverer of the content was a poor communicator?  I’ve been there too! And on both sides actually!
Communicating is the most valuable skill we can learn! It is the difference that really makes a difference.
If you’d like more on how to communicate your message, let’s talk.
If you struggle in this area, you can download my FREE three video series.  But only if you want to take your communicating to the next level.
Design don’t “drift” to a fabulous 2021! (Even dead fish drift)
Remember, I believe in you and in your vision!

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