Asking “Why?” A Momentum Builder for your 2021

A student prepared for a final exam in philosophy class. She was expecting many multiple choice questions and complex essay questions on the greatest thinkers and their complicated theories. She’d invested endless hours studying.
The exam? To her surprise, when she opened the booklet simply stated three words.
“WHY? Please Explain.”
I‘ve written to you in the last several weeks asking who you are? And as I attempt to identify my own goals, aspirations and dreams for 2021 and even further, I’ve been focused on “Who I am”?  I’ve asked you that same question. It’s important to know and define just who we are if we really desire to become all we were created to be.
I’ve received some pretty in depth replies and interesting comments from my clients in response to the “Who are you?” question. This can be a confusing question for some.
We are more likely to achieve our vision, dreams and goals when they are aligned with who we think we are.  Yes?
For many of us, our identity and our self-worth; our self-esteem is linked to what we do.  When someone says to me I’m “justa” as in “I’m just a teacher”, or “I’m just a salesperson”, “I’m just a programmer in IT.” as someone recently told me, I take issue. There is distinct difference when someone says, ” I host the XYZ podcast” or ” I represent XYZ company, my name is…..” or “I’m an author.” The demeanor is totally different isn’t it? But, should it be? Do you hear the insecurity in the former, not in the latter?
“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.” -Simon Senek
When we grasp who we are, define our skills, realize our giftedness, really pursue who we were created to be, identify our desires and our interests the “why” question directs our purpose. It brings clarity! It defines what we believe.
Your final exam will arrive before you know it.
“Why are you here? Explain.”
“Why do we exist as a company? Explain”
“Why am I doing this? Explain”
All of us can simply drift in life. A dead fish will end up somewhere: Drift with the current. We can choose to live our life by design. Asking “why” gives meaning to our actions and leads to a life of fulfillment and more joy. Pursue that! It takes a little practice but it is worth it.
Design don’t “drift” to a fabulous 2021!
Reach out for any discussion or questions.
Remember, I believe in you and in your vision!

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