About Leadership Lived

You have a choice. Perhaps you are a “fan” of leadership principals, a cautious observer, spectator or admirer of other leaders or other leadership venues. Maybe you expect them to give you insights, get results for you that you have never gotten before. How’s that working for you? At Leadership Lived and with the cooperation of highly motivated coaches, speakers and teachers and with their support you are encouraged to live it. Our focus is on your extraordinary results and not our own. We are not about creating fans, admirers and spectators. Our desire is for you to actually be in the game. We promise to encourage you, lift you up, pick you up when you stumble, help you overcome your fear, raise your awareness level to believe that you too can have extraordinary results in your spiritual life, your relationships, your career and in your business. Amazing dreams come true here!

Leadership lived began from an idea. Many of us have attended seminars, conventions and events where we were motivated. Upon returning to our daily routine, that motivation depleted and vanished. Leadership Lived is company where accountability is imposed. We have found that high level leaders like to be held accountable. They thrive on learning. They incorporate new concepts in to their daily and weekly routines. They desire to overcome their fears.

Leadership lived is a platform where you are continually inspired to grow and achieve. Rise above the mediocrity and the averageness of your surroundings. If that sounds great to you, and you think that is a phenomenal idea, then you believe like we do. Live out your leadership potential. It begins here!

About John

Genuine and strategic! Reach your potential. It is the journey I am on. I only succeed if I take people with me. That may include you!

I didn’t want to play success or pretend to be a success, I needed desperate transformation to become a success. There is a difference.

My results were average. It seemed that I was created for more than that. Down inside I needed more. Something was missing. It seemed as though I was always compensating in my identity for something that I wasn’t. My life lacked a genuineness and a certain transparency. I was and have always been one who loved learning but when it came to actual application things just didn’t add up. My experience selling IBM typewriters in the 1980’s and Sony word processing equipment allowed me to engage and participate in the best sales schools on the planet. Yes, I had learned the techniques. I was able to make money and to meet quotas. Later I started my own real estate firm with exciting promise of larger sales and proportionally larger commissions. I opened that door in the spring of 2007. Looking back it was likely the worst time to launch a real estate business and still seemingly I was a success. The business grew every year and yet there needed to be more.

My mentor of twenty years encouraged me to become a part of the John Maxwell Team. The result was I learned that my feelings of desperate and inward failure melted when I focused on the needs of others. Why not use my skills to teach and mentor others? It seemed reasonable.

In recent years I became a student of leadership. I bought into the sweeping paradigms of Stephen Covey, John Maxwell, Tony Robbins and many others. How hard could it be? I became focused on the small things, the smaller accomplishments, the smaller details and the smaller action steps. I began to focus on doing smaller things superbly well and more consistently. Love more people more deeply than I ever had. Focus on their success and indirectly achieving my own. I found it! The lifelong satisfaction that we all search for. You can find it too! You were designed to grow and to flourish. We all need someone to believe in us when we don’t believe in ourselves. I want to be that person. Welcome to Leadership Lived. “Use what we have learned to benefit others who may be walking the same path.”

“If you think you are leading and no one is following, you are simply taking a walk.” John Maxwell