Welcome!  International Best Selling Author of the book “Why Wait?” 

John Nimmo was homeless, living in a 1971 Mercury Monterey in what was then a down trodden suburb of St. Louis, Missouri, University City.

At some point in this journey, he realized he was not living up to his potential.  Perhaps, you have felt that way at times too?  He didn’t want to play success or pretend to be a success,  John needed desperate transformation to think beyond the current conditions and circumstances and to rise above them.  That is where the real story began.


Who I was!

My results had always been average or less. As I lived this marginalized version of myself,  down inside I knew there was more. Something was missing. It seemed as though I was always compensating in my identity for someone that I wasn’t. And I was desperate.  My life lacked a genuineness and transparency. I was and have always been one who loved learning but when it came to actual application of knowledge I fell short. It has been said, knowledge is not power, wisdom is the ability to use what we know.

 My experience selling IBM typewriters in the 1980’s and Sony word processing equipment allowed me to engage and participate in the best sales schools on the planet. Yes, I had learned the techniques. I was able to make money and to meet quotas. Later I started my own real estate firm with exciting promise of larger sales and proportionally larger commissions. I opened that door in the spring of 2007. Do you remember 2007?  Looking back it was likely the worst time to launch a real estate business and still my business grew and flourished. 

My mentor of twenty years encouraged me to become a part of the John Maxwell Team. The result; I learned that my feelings of desperate and inward failure melted when I focused on the needs of others. Why not use my skills to teach and mentor others? It seemed reasonable.


Who I am.

The Truth:  You have a choice!  What I learned.   All of us are born into this physical world with a desire to grow.  You were designed to flourish and to thrive: Given dominion over your thoughts and desires.  You and I have been gifted with 6 intellectual faculties,  Imagination, Intuition, Perception, the ability to Reason, Will and Memory.  And you and I can achieve whatever it is that we imagine possible for our lives with the right mentorship and coaching.  For 6000 years, philosophers, teachers, theologians, poets have agreed on very little except for this ONE THING:  We become what we think about.  Change our thinking about our identity, our current conditions and circumstances and we change our behavior.  New habits begin to form.  Our desired outcomes begin to appear.  OUR success and our positive results then begin manifest into something real and tangible! 

I’m a leading personal and business coach.  I help others ignite change.  As a result, they see growth in their personal life and in their respective businesses.  I teach and consult on leadership principles that get real results in Organizational Health, Effective Team Building, Improving Executive and Leadership Efficiency and Effectiveness.   Articulate and Communicate your Value Proposition that will Differentiate your Business and YOU from your competitors.  

James Allen in his book, As a Man Thinketh said this, ” If we won’t go within, we go without.” 

Who will You Become? 

You can find your path to success too! I provide coaching, professional consulting for businesses and individuals, workshops and training.  I’m a Speaker and an Author.    If you are like me, you need someone to believe in you and in your success!   I want to be that person. Welcome to Leadership Lived.  Awaken the leader within you.