About Us

About Leadership Lived

Are you in a state of continuous Growth?  You have a choice. Perhaps you are simply a “fan” of leadership principals, a cautious observer, a spectator or admirer of other leaders or other leadership venues.  And you should be!  However, being a “fan” will not get you the results you seek.   Maybe you expect to gain insights, get results that you have never gotten before, or expand your awareness?   How’s that working for you?

At Leadership Lived and with the cooperation of highly motivated coaches, speakers and teachers you are encouraged to develop and live out your own leadership gifts. We focus on your extraordinary results and not our own. We are not about creating fans, admirers and spectators. Our desire is for you to actually be in the game. We promise to encourage you, lift you up, pick you up when you stumble, help you overcome your fear, raise your awareness level, engage you in a community of like-minded people who will support and encourage you.   We believe you can have extraordinary results in your spiritual life, your relationships, your health, your finances and in your business. Amazing dreams come true here!

Leadership and Learning are indispensable to each other. – John F. Kennedy

Leadership Lived began from an idea. Many of us have attended seminars, conventions and events where we were motivated. Upon returning to our daily routine, that motivation depleted and vanished. Leadership Lived is company where accountability valued. We have found that high level leaders like to be held accountable. They thrive on learning. They incorporate new concepts in to their daily and weekly routines. They desire to overcome their fears.

Leadership Lived is a platform where you are continually inspired to grow and achieve. We believe in thriving not surviving!  Rise above the mediocrity and the averageness of your surroundings. If that sounds great to you, and you think that is a phenomenal idea, then you believe like we do. Live out your leadership potential. It all begins here!