3 Questions to Really Move You Forward.

What ‘s so special about January 12th? Statistically, according to Google, it’s the day most people give up on our New Year’s resolutions. Are you surprised?
Who can you count ON in your life?
Who do you want to count IN?
Who do you need to count OUT?
Are you lacking clarity right now? Are you feeling a bit lost or stuck? Perhaps even forgotten?
I’ve been there myself. I was homeless. Living out of a car in University City, Missouri. No hope. No future! No job! But, here is great news. I’m not that special. People recover all the time. For me, I just raised my awareness level to my available resources and my unrealized potential. Yes, I needed a change in my environment. I needed fertile soil and nourishment. I answered those three important questions above.
“When a flower doesn’t bloom, we fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
– Alexander Den Heiger
You have been gifted with SIX INTELLECTUAL FACULTIES. You are the only species on the planet with these gifts.
When we think about it; an animal, a cow for example, can’t look over the fence and say, “I’m tired of being a cow out in this field, I’d rather become something different.” You have the potential to do that. You can become something different, by thinking beyond your current conditions and circumstances and by using your intellectual giftedness.
Your relationships are important. We thrive in positive community with support, accountability, and even barrowed belief when we need it, to fulfill our vision and to become our best self. Who do allow in?   Who is “in” your sphere of influence who models and teaches rightly? Who mentors you? Who drags you down an absorbs your energy? Who gives you energy when you are around them? Who ignites your passion for success?
The environment in which you surround yourself, personally and professionally  impacts your life and your results.
Will you answer the above Three Questions?  Then take action.  I challenge you to write down your answers.  Will you?
Establishing a strong filter and boundaries is a great start
Like the Flower, you are valuable! You are by design, suppose to flourish, bring joy and beauty to the world in the form of your creativity and by being who you were designed to be.
If you are feeling “stuck” and in case you haven’t noticed, January 12th has passed us by, take action. Reach out. Sign up for this weekly news at Leadershiplived.com. Get plugged in to a positive community.
Are you willing? Here is my promise to you. Invest in yourself. Change your results in 2021. Share this with a friend. You’ll have no regrets. Email me [email protected] for more stuff! Check out my blog page at Leadershiplived.com. Join our Facebook community Leadershiplived Enriched Life Community. It’s good soil for your growth!
Design don’t “drift” to a fabulous 2021! (Even dead fish drift)
Remember, I believe in you and in your vision!

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